Monday, July 7, 2008

1 Month Etsy Anniversary! :)

Today marks the end of my 1st month with Etsy!

I've had a blast! I've had 55 sales, earned over 100 hearts from my fellow Etsians and have met the most incredible people through the forums, chats and of course my buyers! :)

Here's just a sample of the amazing feedback my buyers have left me!

"Great instructions, seller is very helpful!!!"

"Not only is this a great ebook with a fresh take on scrabble tiles, but the service was EXCELLENT!! Thank you!"

"What a wonderful tutorial! I've never seen any instructional ebook more professionally done than this one. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning this craft to purchase this promo pack. You will learn invaluable tips and tricks and be on your way to creating beautiful Scrabble jewelry (and the likes) on your own. Laura is wonderful to work with!"

"The tutorial arrived very quickly and communication with TheScrabbleGal has been great! After looking through all the tutorials I am anxious to give this Scrabble tile thing a try. Thanks for the great offer."

"You rock girl! This is a fabulous deal! I was already making Scrabble tile jewelry, but it looks like this has SO much useful info. Great job! You can tell a lot of work went into this E-Book."

"What a great set of tutorials! I'm sitting here right now with my scrapbook papers and an old set of Scrabble tiles. Leaving Mod Podge on the keyboard. :)"

"Within 15 minutes of my payment, the item arrived in my inbox! Awesome! It definitely includes info promised plus some! I will have fun gettin' creative! :)"

"These ebooks are very well done, very professional. Easy to understand, great pictures, excellent directions. This is a bargain! Thanks!"

TheScrabbleGal :)

You Know You're Addicted to Etsy When...

This post is for all the Etsy addicts out there! Etsy addiction is serious!!! Here are a few responses from a thread I started in the Etsy forums a few days ago!

They are hilarious!!! Hope you enjoy them! I'll be adding to the list when I get some more updates!

TheScrabbleGal :)

You Know You're Addicted to Etsy When.....

* "Nobody in the family gets any food or clean clothes!"

* "Etsy is the first thing you run to in the moring and the last thing you see at night . . ."

* "OK this is a true story, last week I threw my back out and was in bed flat on my back for 2 days. It hurt to even breath. My husband asked me if there was anything he could get me and with so much agony in my voice I said just my laptop. He rolled his eyes and said you have issues!!"

* "Yes, my home page is ALso, I have dreams about etsy regularly! One dream was you could see who was looking at your items. I've had other dreams and awoke thinking, did that really happen?"

"You know you're addicted when you have nightmares that you have shipped the wrong items to folks, only to wake up in the middle of the night and check your inventory!lol: )"


"When your in church the whole time you pray that by the time you get home you've made a sale."

....stay tuned for more! Post on the thread HERE

Scrabble Tiles (Points by Letter)

Here's a break down of Scrabble Tiles / Scrabble Pieces (Points by Letter)

Blank/Wild: 2 tiles, 0 points
A: 9 tiles, 1 point
B: 2 tiles, 3 points
C: 2 tiles, 3 points
D: 4 tiles, 2 points
E: 12 tiles, 1 point
F: 2 tiles, 4 points
G: 3 tiles, 2 points
H: 2 tiles, 4 points
I: 9 tiles, 1 point
J: 1 tile, 8 points
K: 1 tile, 5 points
L: 4 tiles, 1 point
M: 2 tiles, 3 points
N: 6 tiles, 1 point
O: 8 tiles, 1 point
P: 2 tiles, 3 points
Q: 1 tile, 10 points
R: 6 tiles, 1 point
S: 4 tiles, 1 point
T: 6 tiles, 1 point
U: 4 tiles, 1 point
V: 2 tiles, 4 points
W: 2 tiles, 4 points
X: 1 tile, 8 points
Y: 2 tiles, 4 points
Z: 1 tile, 10 points

TheScrabbleGal :)