Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Want to Make Custom Scrabble Tile Pendants, Scrabble Tile Accessories, or Learn Other DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts?

You've come to the right place! I have tutorials! Original Scrabble Tile Jewelry Tutorial, Custom Photo Jewelry Tutorial, Scrabble in Style v. I (77 Fun & Fresh Scrabble tile crafts) and of course, the ScrabbleGal Bundle for those who want to learn it all and get the biggest bang for their buck! :)


Do not purchase Scrabble tile collage sheets with the intention that you will simply be able to print them out on your home printer and use them for your Scrabble crafts. I've received numerous convos (that's short for conversations) from people on Etsy who can't figure out why the Scrabble tile collage sheets they bought from other sellers don't work! Printing these collage sheets on regular paper, even photo paper on your home printer, will just result in a blurry mess. Sellers are advertising them as "just print and use" but they don't work like that :(. If the images don't blur on you after a few hours, they will after a few days. So please keep this in mind!

Don't want to use Japanese papers? I have a great list of alternatives to Japanese papers in my Scrabble in Style v. I E-Book.

Need any help with your Scrabble tile crafts? Send me an Etsy convo HERE :)

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