Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scrabble for iPhone

The iPhone version of the game currently includes three modes with three levels of difficulty. The game modes allow the user to play versus the computer, a solo game, and a Pass 'n Play—essentially a local multiplayer game with up to four competing local players. There have been grumblings around the Internet that a WiFi-enabled version is coming. We have our fingers crossed.

While deciding who you want to play your game against, you also have several different game styles to choose from. Among these are classic, a game to 75, a game to 150, an eight-round game, and a 12-round game. For those unfamiliar, the 8- and 12-round games refer to turns you are given before the game is over....

Scrabble for the iPhone is a nice port of a classic board game. If you love Scrabble, then it is easily worth the $9.99 price tag. If you are only a casual Scrabble fan, you may want to wait until the WiFi multiplayer version comes out.

Application: Scrabble (App Store Link)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Price: $9.99

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